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Introducing Robbie, one of Scotland’s finest DJs who knows how to make any event unforgettable. With his extensive experience and versatile music selection, he creates a lively and energetic atmosphere that keeps the party going

Robbie is known as one of the best DJs in Scotland, and for good reason. With his incredible variety of music that caters to all tastes.

Specializing in weddings and various events, Robbie brings years of experience to the DJ booth. What sets him apart is his ability to read the crowd and play the music that gets everyone on their feet. He’s not just a DJ, but a true performer who interacts with the audience, mixes in real time, and knows how to get the party started.

Throughout his career, Robbie has DJed at a wide range of events, including clubs, renowned events like Cream, discos, raves, weddings, parties, and chart disco bars both in the UK and abroad. His professionalism shines through in every performance, and he can adapt his style to suit any occasion and age group. Robbie has shared the stage with renowned DJs like Tall Paul, Judge Jules, Tiesto, and many others.

When you book Robbie as your DJ, you can expect a truly professional and unforgettable experience that will keep the dance floor packed and the energy high all night long.

As a versatile DJ, Robbie brings an impressive range of musical styles to his performances. Here are just some of the genres and styles he can cover, ensuring an unforgettable experience for any event:

  • Commercial House: Robbie knows how to create an infectious and energetic atmosphere with the latest commercial house hits. Expect catchy melodies, driving beats, and infectious hooks that will keep the dance floor packed.
  • Funky House: With its groovy basslines and soulful vocals, funky house is all about getting the party started. Robbie expertly mixes funky beats and infectious rhythms to create a feel-good vibe that will have everyone dancing.
  • Tech House: For those who love a deeper and more underground sound, Robbie seamlessly transitions into tech house. Expect hypnotic basslines, intricate percussion, and captivating grooves that will take the audience on a journey through the underground electronic scene.
  • Electro House: When it’s time to amp up the energy, Robbie delivers with high-octane electro house. Powerful synths, driving basslines, and electrifying drops will have the crowd jumping and fist-pumping in no time.
  • Chart: Robbie stays up to date with the latest chart-topping hits, ensuring his sets are always fresh and current. From pop anthems to infectious dance tracks, he knows how to keep the party going with the most popular songs of the moment.
  • Old Skool Classics: Take a trip down memory lane as Robbie spins the timeless classics that have stood the test of time. From iconic tracks of the 70s, 80s, and 90s to the unforgettable anthems of the early 2000s, he creates a nostalgic atmosphere that brings people together.
  • Trance: For those who love uplifting melodies and euphoric vibes, Robbie seamlessly transitions into the world of trance. Expect soaring synths, uplifting breakdowns, and hands-in-the-air moments that will transport listeners to a state of pure bliss.
  • Techno: Dive into the deep and driving rhythms of techno as Robbie showcases his expertise in this genre. Dark, atmospheric, and relentless, his techno sets will captivate the audience and create an intense and immersive experience on the dance floor.
  • Old School Rave: Relive the heyday of the rave scene as Robbie takes you back to the early days of electronic music. Expect breakbeats, pulsating basslines, and euphoric hooks that will evoke memories and get the crowd jumping.
  • Rock: Robbie knows how to unleash the power of rock with his carefully selected tracks. From iconic classics to modern hits, he seamlessly blends rock anthems into his sets, creating a high-energy and head-banging experience that will have rock enthusiasts on their feet.

With his vast repertoire and seamless mixing skills, Robbie can create a tailor-made experience that suits any event and captivates audiences of all ages and musical tastes.

Just had the best night ever thanks to Robbie’s incredible DJ skills! He played an amazing mix that had everyone on the dance floor. The energy was off the charts! Can’t wait to party with Robbie again! x

Emily Thompson


Robbie absolutely killed it at our wedding! He played a perfect blend of chart hits and old school classics that had all generations dancing together. The dance floor was packed from start to finish. Thank you for making our special day unforgettable

Michael and Sarah Anderson


Attended a corporate event where Robbie was the DJ, and he was outstanding! He had a great feel for the crowd and played a wide range of music, from commercial hits to techno beats. His seamless mixing kept us all entertained throughout the night. Highly recommended

Lisa Williams


Robbie is an amazing DJ who knows how to read the crowd and keep the party going. He played at my friend’s birthday bash, and we were blown away. From electro house to old school rave, he had everyone dancing and singing along. We had a blast.

Alex Robertson


I recently attended a club night where Robbie was the DJ, and he was absolutely on fire! His mix of trance and techno had the crowd going for it and I couldn’t stop dancing. Robbie definitely knows how to deliver an unforgettable night

Emma Turner


Booked Robbie for my anniversary party, and he exceeded all expectations! He played a fantastic mix of hits that had everyone rocking out. His seamless transitions and great song choices kept the energy high all night long. It was brilliant, thanks Robbie x

Mark and Jenny Stewart


Hired Robbie for a private party, and he brought the house down! He knew exactly how to keep the crowd engaged and entertained with his diverse music selection. From commercial house to old school classics, his DJ skills were on point. Everyone had an amazing time

Sarah Kay


Robbie was the DJ at our club’s event, and he absolutely nailed it! The dance floor was packed, and the atmosphere was great. Robbie knows how to deliver a night of non-stop fun.

Jake Thompson


Attended a wedding where Robbie was the DJ, and he created the perfect party atmosphere. He played an awesome mix of music that appealed to all ages, from pop hits to old school favorites. Robbie kept the dance floor packed and the energy high. It was a night to remember

Rebecca Foster


Robbie is a top-notch DJ who knows how to bring the party to life. He played at my friend’s house party, and we were blown away by his talent. His seamless transitions and diverse music selection, ranging from commercial house to R&B, had everyone dancing and singing along. Robbie is a true entertainer and great bloke.

Jason Campbell