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Declan, a captivating Irish solo musician from Londonderry, now lights up Glasgow’s music scene. Renowned for his versatility, Declan is a popular choice for a wide range of events, including weddings, parties, and pub gigs

Declan is a distinguished Irish solo musician hailing from Londonderry, now making waves in Glasgow as one of the most sought-after acts represented by our agency. His exceptional talent spans across various types of occasions, from enchanting weddings to lively parties, as well as regular gigs in pubs and bars. Declan’s versatility as an artist is showcased through his profound ability to connect with his audience, regardless of the setting. Notably, his skills extend to the harp, adding a unique and mesmerising touch to his performances. This blend of traditional Irish music with contemporary tunes sets Declan apart, making him a favourite for those looking to add a special atmosphere to their event.


Declan’s performance at our wedding was magical. Truly a talented musician who made our day even more special

Emma and James Craig


Saw Declan play at a local bar in Glasgow, and he was phenomenal. His mix of traditional Irish tunes and modern songs was perfect. He knows how to engage the crowd and create a memorable experience



We booked Declan for our corporate event, and he exceeded all expectations. Professional, talented, and versatile, he added a touch of elegance to our evening. Highly recommend for any event

Sarah Louise


Declan’s music was the highlight of our anniversary party. His harp playing brought a unique and beautiful ambiance that our guests are still talking about. He’s a true artist

Rob and Karen Jones


At our charity gala, Declan’s performance was brilliant. He not only played the harp beautifully but also interacted with our guests in such a warm and friendly manner.

Paul Lumsden


For my 40th birthday bash, Declan was the star of the show. His ability to blend different musical styles on the harp and create a fun, engaging atmosphere was incredible. Everyone loved him!

Adam Burns


I’ve been to many events where Declan has performed, and each time, he’s absolutely brilliant. His talent on guitar and the harp are unmatched, and his repertoire is wonderfully diverse.

Debbie Collings


Declan played at our pub, and the crowd loved him. His mix of Irish classics and contemporary songs on the harp was a hit. Can’t wait to have him back!

O’Neill’s , Glasgow


We had Declan entertain at our housewarming party, and he was the perfect addition. His music set a lovely tone for the evening, making it a great experience for us and our guests.


Declan’s performance at our daughter’s wedding was exceptional. From the planning phase to the big day, he was professional and accommodating. His harp music added a layer of sophistication and joy that made the ceremony and reception truly beautiful

Joy and Dave Campbell